Welcome to Kalathai Your International Thai School in Granada

We are a school in Granada and we teach private courses to people who come to visit Granada. So if you are thinking about visiting our city and you want to learn Thai massage as if you were in Thailand, please let us know…TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUR VISIST TO GRANADA AND LEARN THAI MASSAGE.           We are sure we can teach you in 5 or 6 days and become you into a professional. Kalathai is a school in Spain created in Thailand 6 years ago, since then we have been teaching people from everywhere in the world here in Granada and sometime in Thailand.
Our teacher travel every year to Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Pucket, Hang Dong, to continue learning original Thai Massage from our THAI teachers.     All our courses are endorsed by our schools in Thailand, and Thai Healing Arts Association.

Why Thai Massage?
1. In this job you can develop to yourself meanwhile inspiring others to change their live through Thai massage.
2. It is a job that you can combine with another work and earn and extra money making feel people happy.
3. If you are professional of massage already, Thai Massage can be a very good tool to complement your job, due to the big technics you will learn.

Today might be the beginning of a whole new lifestyle for you.

KALATHAI GRANADA Take advantage of your visit to Granada And learn Thai Massage Have you had your Thai Massage today!

Long stay in Granada You can choose among these courses

6 hours Spend one day with us and practique Thai massage

18 hours Get one assistance certification and then you decide what to do.

30 hours. You get Level 1 from Kalathai. Foundations of Thai massage

60 hours. You get Level 1 & 2 from Kalathai. Intermediate Thai massage

90 hours. You get Level 1, 2 & 3 from Kalathai. Avanced Thai massage.